Nigel, Brisbane, Qld

Within 2 weeks of meeting Darren he had taken over the loan payments of $3,974.87/mth and all property costs, and he negotiated with the bank to postpone repossession so that he could renovate and sell the property for a higher price. This gave us the certainty that we could sell our property for the best market value, rather than the bank repossess it and sell it for significantly less. Going down that path may have resulted in bankruptcy proceedings and/or outstanding debts, but instead we got immediate cash-flow relief from all of our payments and the property was presented for sale in first-class renovated condition in just 10 days! The result was a sale price that paid off all of our outstanding property debts and enabled us to completely move on from this difficult and stressful situation. I recommend that you call Darren because he knows what options you have, and he has the experience and integrity to make it happen.

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