Laurence – Brisbane QLD

“While surfing the net my mum came across an ad for Fast House Sales. We didn’t know much about how to sell our properties, how to deal with a lender that no longer wanted to deal with us. But through Darren and his method and knowledge we sold our first home for $399,000 when we were given the impression it was probably only going to fetch $340,000 to $360,000 figures we’d received through free real estate assessments at the time. We also had to offer our investment property as the bank wanted that too. We were stunned that we received $330,000 when houses of similar or even better prospects were receiving $299,000 in the same suburb. Both houses sold within 24 hours of each other and within 5 weeks of that initial call to Darren. We, my parents, my sister and I trusted Darren from the first time we met him, even though it was all unfamiliar ground to us. His easy, relaxed manner gave us the confidence to trust he had our best interests at heart and to put our faith in him. We are not the easiest people to deal with as we all 4 of us have strong, hard headed personalities but hats off to Darren. He listened, answered our sometimes ridiculous questions and pulled us through. We are now, not only debt free but did really well considering we believed we would be paying those houses and the associated debts for the rest of our lives. We got quite a bit of excess funds paid directly to us after all of the associated costs had been taken care of. I, we, our family, cannot thank Darren and his team enough for saving us. This was the best move for me and my family. I know he and his team can help you.”

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