Do You Need To Sell Your Property Fast ?   

I Need To Sell Now…

I need to sell now and I want a cash offer on my home, and I want to be able settle in as little as 14 days.

Fast House Sales buys properties directly from property owners just like you, so that you save significantly on the time and money that can be wasted using traditional sale methods.
We are ready to make fast no-obligation cash offers on your property. You will pay no commissions and we can immediately start paying your mortgage payments to provide relief from cash flow pressures.

We have been buying and selling properties for 17 years all around Australia and encourage you to ensure you are dealing with an experienced professional buyer when looking for a solution to your unique property situation.

We will make you a cash offer to buy your home quickly and with minimal fuss.
This way you can have your house sold in days, no matter what condition it is in or how much repair work it needs. We will research your home, talk to you about it and then they give you a no-obligation offer.

We Buy Houses Direct from Property Owners!
No Agents Fees!
No Obligation to You!
No Repairs Required!
No Hassles!

We also understand that selling your home can be a frustrating and challenging time, especially if you are experiencing cash flow pressure and mortgage stress, or have a home needing repairs. We will simplify the process by making our offer clear and understandable and discuss all of your options with you.

Whatever your reason for selling and whatever the condition of the property we can help you if:

 •   Have had no success in trying to sell with a real estate agent
 •    Urgent repairs are needed
    •    Relocation
    •    You are behind in mortgage payments
    •    Your bank loan is higher than the property value
    •    The bank is threatening to repossess
    •    Going through a divorce
    •    You are having problems with bad tenants
    •    Your house is vacant
    •    You are losing money on a negatively geared investment property
    •    Urgently require cash

Fast House Sales is the direct purchaser of your property, we are not real estate agents trying to sell it to somebody else.

All the paperwork remains the same, it's just that you are dealing directly with us as the buyer.

If you have made your decision and are ready to sell your house now, all you need to do is click on the blue button labelled 'CLICK HERE TO GET AN OFFER' and we will immediately be in contact with you to discuss a way forward...

I Need To Sell Now…