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Fast House Sales is a private Australian business that will help you achieve the best sale price you can for property quickly and easily, with minimal stress.

We have been buying and selling properties for 15 years all around Australia and encourage you to ensure you are dealing with an experienced professional property company when looking for a solution to your unique property situation.

If you need to sell your property quickly, and/or if it is in need of some renovation work, unfortunately it means you are likely to get a lot less for your property then you otherwise could.

And most buyers are going to offer you very low prices for your property, because of its condition and/or to get a quick sale, which means you will have to substantially discount the price for your property.


We understand that selling your home can be a frustrating and challenging time, especially if you are experiencing cash flow pressure and/or mortgage stress, or have a home needing repairs and you want to sell quickly.

Rather than work against you to try to buy your house cheaply from you… we work with you to quickly and professionally get your property renovated and ready for sale for the highest possible price, meaning you get more money with minimal stress – and quickly!


We will simplify the process by making everything clear and understandable and discuss all of your options with you.

This way you can have your house sold in a matter of weeks, stress free, no matter what condition it is currently in or how much repair work it needs.

Whatever your reason for selling and whatever the condition of the property we can help:

  • Had no success in trying to sell with a real estate agent
  • Urgent repairs are needed
  • Relocation
  • You are behind in mortgage payments
  • Your bank loan is higher than the property value
  • The bank is threatening to repossess
  • Going through a divorce
  • You are having problems with bad tenants
  • Your house is vacant
  • You are losing money on a negatively geared investment property
  • Urgently require cash

At Fast House Sales we use a 3-step process to get you the highest price…

  1. relieve any pressure you have to sell quickly… meaning that you will not be forced into taking a significantly lower price, and you can undertake a fair market sale in the appropriate amount of time
  2. quickly and professionally renovate your property to its maximum value… by focusing on areas of the property that will create the biggest uplift in value for the least amount of cost
  3. maximise the sale price… by researching shortlisting and interviewing the top performing real estate agents in your area to ensure we are only dealing with the best professionals to achieve the highest sale price

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