Imagine what you could do with an extra $12,108 income every year...
* Take an extended holiday
* Buy a new car
* Help out family or friends
* Visit somewhere you've never been before
* Be more financially free, have more cash to enjoy life with and stop worrying about money...
By changing your current property investment strategy that's exactly what you can achieve within just 8 weeks. And it won't cost you ANY money or require you to do ANY work other than getting in touch with me.
Hi my name’s Darren Webber and I am a fulltime property investor specialising in helping investors earn significantly more income from their investment properties each month.
And today I want to help you Escape The Negative Gearing Trap...
For years hardworking Australians like you have been conditioned to believe that negatively geared property is a smart investment strategy because of the tax breaks... But any investment that costs you money each month with no guarantee of a profit at the end needs to be carefully scrutinised to see if this is actually the best way to be investing your money...
"Losing $10,000 on mortgage repayments and property costs just to save $3,000 in tax is not a good reason to invest in property..."
So I have created a short, easy to read Free Strategy Guide that will show you in full detail the exact strategy that I have used for the last 15 years to help South East Queensland property investors…
  • Escape the negative gearing trap and stop losing thousands of dollars every year through an investment property that may never return a capital gain
  • Start generating an extra $1,009/month from your investment property within the next 8 weeks
  • Never pay rates, insurance, maintenance, repairs or property management fees again
  • Never deal with tenants or property managers
  • Relieve mortgage related financial stress instantly
  • Become more educated about their investment choices, and take charge of their financial future 
In the strategy guide titled How To Earn An Extra $1,009/month From Your Investment Property Within 8 Weeks you will find…
  • Complete details of how the strategy works from start to finish
  • A breakdown of the risks involved and my risk minimisation strategies that protect your capital
  • Verified case studies showing how I have generated $100,000’s in profits for property investors just like you
  • How you can escape the Negatively Geared Property trap.
  • A Frequently Asked Questions section that I’m sure will cover most of the questions that you currently have about this property investment strategy
To qualify for this investment opportunity you need to meet these criteria:
  • Your property must have a current value of less than $500,000
  • Your underlying bank loan must be a standard interest rate (no low-doc or high interest rate loans)
  • You must want to maximise positive cash flow from your investment property
If you’re interested and you fulfil these criteria, download the Free Stratgey Guide by clicking on the 'ORANGE' button at the top of the page.

Darren Webber

Henry Huggins

Ormeau, Brisbane, QLD

"Darren Webber sent me a letter about my property at Eumundi Street the same day that my contract for $385,000 fell through due to finance. I contacted Darren and asked some questions as this way was very new to me. After a couple of long and very informative conversations, I put the property with Darren. I am happy with the results, the new tenants are very happy and everyone is in a win_win situation. I would definitely recommend Darren Webber and his team to anyone who finds themselves in the same situation as I was in. Again, thank you Darren for all of your help and understanding.” 

John Diamond

Raceview, Ipswich, QLD

"Darren was able to help me to turn 2 negatively geared properties around which were costing me around $1,500 a month each. They simply weren’t selling for the amount I needed in the current market... Darren is very professional and knowledgeable and definitely worth taking to before you resign yourself to selling unwanted properties at low ‘fire-sale’ prices."