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For people who need a quick house sale, having a property on the market for sale for many months, sometimes years, can be an extremely stressful and disheartening experience. I know this because I have experienced it myself when trying to sell a property when I was much younger, and this post and video is about my own personal experience.

I had a property in a coastal town in Victoria which I had used as a holiday house for a number of years, but had decided to move elsewhere. In fact I had already actually bought another house. This meant that during the time it was for sale I was paying 2 mortgages as well as renting in the city whilst I was waiting for my 1st property to sell.

After rejecting an initial offer, which turned out to be higher than what I eventually sold it for, I spent a long 15 months waiting for a sale. This time was extremely frustrating for me as there were extended periods of time where there was no interest at all. This waiting period can feel very debilitating because at the time I felt there was nothing I could do to speed up the sale and it felt helpless.

I also went on an emotional rollercoaster every time a buyer showed some interest. Obviously I was hoping they would be a definite buyer and pay the price I wanted, but nearly always this didn’t happen.

All this time I was paying out on an extra mortgage which eventually cost me a significant amount out of the sale price I would have otherwise acheived if I had sold earlier.

And as well as the cost, it restricted me in how I was able to move on with my life as I still had ties in a different area and responsibilities of maintaining the presentation of the property which held me back from other things I was wanting to do in my life.

A quick house sale will help you to move on easier

A quick house sale will help you to move on easier

At the time I wish that I was aware of the benefits of dealing directly with a house buying company. Here’s a short list of the benefits that can help people who need a quick sale:

  1. You can save a lot of holding costs on the property you are wanting to sell
  2. You get a quick settlement which lets you move on quickly
  3. There is no obligation to accept any offer – you decide
  4. If you are flexible on the terms of sale you can often get a much better price than you expect

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