Does Your House Need Renovating to Sell for the Highest Possible Price?

My House Needs Work…

If your house needs renovating, Fast House Sales can help you to maximise the potential of your home... and sell your property for the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time.

 For 17 years Fast House Sales has been helping its clients to maximise the return on the sale of their home, having completed over 165 property transactions.

We have developed a proven 2-step process that provides you with:

1.  funding to renovate your home, and

2. access to experienced property professionals to renovate your home to its highest potential and sell it for the highest possible price.

Proven 2-Step Process...

Step 1 - Get Funding and Professional Help to Renovate Your Home 

Fast House Sales will fund the renovation of your property, to whatever extent is necessary for your situation, quickly and professionally so that when it is presented for sale you will receive the highest possible market price. 

We specialise in doing fast, professional quality renovations to maximise the market price of properties.

We will fund the full cost of the renovation.

So there is nothing for you to pay, or do.

We have been renovating homes for 17 years, and have completed over 165 property transactions, so we are uniquely positioned and experienced to make sure you get the highest possible price for your property. 

To get access the 3-Step, 17-point checklist that we use to renovate and prepare properties for sale click on the following link in blue… Get Access To Fast House Sales 3-Step, 17-Point Checklist

Step 2 - Interview, select and sell with the best local real estate agent

A critical step in the process of maximising the sale price is selecting the best real estate agent in your area to market and sell the property. 

We have a proven system that we use to research all of the property sales in your area and which agency made those sales, to ensure that we are dealing with the real estate agency who knows most about your specific property type and its potential sale value.

Then we engage with the most experienced real estate agents within those leading agencies and we conduct strict interviews to ensure that they are capable of achieving the results we want.

We will only appoint the best-suited agent to market and sell your property for the highest possible market price. 

During the sale process, I will liaise with the real estate agent, yourself and potential purchasers to negotiate the terms and price for the sale of your property to make sure we get the highest possible price in the best possible timeframe. 

Get Funding Now To Renovate And Sell Your Home...

By following this 2-step process, we have helped many Australian families achieve significantly MORE cash return with significantly LESS stress than they would otherwise have achieved by selling their house in a tired and run-down condition… and they got it FAST.

The sale process can be a long, drawn-out and emotionally stressful experience, and we want to help change that as much as we can for you and your family. 

We can help you immediately by: 

  • funding any bank arrears and  all on-going loan payments
  • funding the renovation of your property to its highest potential 
  • maximising the sale price in the marketplace 

Fast House Sales only gets paid at settlement once the sale is completed successfully, so there is nothing you ever need pay until the sale goes through. And even after our costs are paid at settlement, our clients always end up in a far superior financial position than if they tried to sell their house in a tired and run-down condition.

But it's not for everyone... 

Not everybody who contacts us can use exactly the same 2-step process that we have outlined above. Sometimes when a client outlines their circumstances and we discuss their situation, there are more suitable solutions for them. 

We understand the finance, repossession, renovation and property markets extremely well with over 17 years of professional property experience and can offer you a no obligation and independent opinion on what you're options may be based on your current situation and circumstances. 

​​​​​​​...from Darren Webber​​​​​​​

"My primary intention is to help you understand that you have options.

So I invite you to take up my offer of a FREE 15 minute call where you can ask me any questions you like, with no obligation, and I will do everything that I can to help you.

What matters first and foremost is that you know your options for selling your home for the highest possible price

If it is possible for me to help you, I will do everything I can to ensure you get the most money you can from your situation. You can contact me by...

1. Calling me on (07) 3073 9251 

2. Emailing me at

3. You can book a time in my diary that suits you, and I will call you at that time... CLICK HERE TO BOOK A TIME

I sincerely look forward to helping you.

Darren Webber

We trusted Darren from day 1 and always will” Spence​​​​​r
“Darren took full control of our situation right from the first phone call” Kirstine
“We wish we had found Darren sooner” Kevin & Lee-Anne
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"By contacting Fast House Sales I sold my home in less then 3 weeks” Paul
We, my parents, my sister and I trusted Darren from the first time we met him” Laurence