Former Investment Banker Has Developed An Australian First System That Guarantees To INSTANTLY STOP All Repossession Action Against You, Pay Off Your Arrears & Sell Your Home Fast For The Highest Possible Price, Ensuring You Get A Guaranteed Minimum Payout From The Sale.

Hi my name is Darren Webber Founder & Director of Fast House Sales.

I understand right now you’re probably wondering how can I possibly GUARANTEE to...

Instantly stop ALL repossession action against you…(Including all debt collection letters and calls STOPPED... Court and eviction dates CANCELLED… Threat of bankruptcy and complete financial ruin GONE.)

Pay off ALL your current arrears, upcoming mortgage repayments and property costs.

Ensure you NEVER have to talk to another banker, collection agency, lawyer, judge or real estate agent about this property again.

Achieve by-far the BEST POSSIBLE financial outcome for YOU!
(Yes I actually GUARANTEE to achieve a pre-agreed financial outcome and maximise the equity you retain, which as you’ll see below is far better financially and emotionally than you will get by letting the bank repossess your home or trying to sell it quickly yourself.)

If you’re willing to give me just 5 minutes of your time I’ll show you exactly how my “Proven System” has already helped over 165 Australians who were under threat of repossession...And can help you right now to...

- Stop the bank coming in changing your locks and throwing you out on the street (potentially leaving you bankrupt).
- Then help you sell your home for significantly more than what you are currently being offered by greedy, predatory buyers looking to take advantage of your vulnerable situation.

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Your Current Situation…

The truth is that as you slide deeper and deeper into arrears and the repossession process continues to escalate, your options for getting out of this situation with anything more than the shirt on your back are slipping away day by day.

You see for over 17 years since leaving the corporate banking world, I’ve worked with clients in your position everyday so I know this process very well and understand how demoralising and draining it has been for you up to this point…

~ After falling behind on your repayments the collection calls and letters started, then default notices came and now you're facing impending court and eviction dates.

~ The bank and lawyer's letters continue to arrive, written in confusing legal “jargon” so you don’t know what your rights or options are at this stage, and no one will explain it to you in Plain English.

~ Your relationships and personal life are all suffering and you don’t know how to face family and friends or what will happen to you in the future.

This constant stress, worry and uncertainty is enough to make you want to give up, walk away from it all and let the banks have their way.


See in my previous career working in a bank I learned a few nasty secrets about what happens when they repossess a home, and this information directly affects home much equity you are left with after all is said and done…


Nasty Bank Repossession Secrets:

Nasty Bank Secret #1: When the bank repossess your property their ONLY concern is recovering the outstanding loan amount:
After your house is repossessed your account is transferred to the desk of a loss mitigation officer on the 29th floor of a large Sydney office building. This person has another 139 repossession cases they are dealing with and the ONLY criteria their job performance is based upon is whether they can recover the outstanding loan amount on each account...

1. They have no interest in your financial future or the fact you’ve put your entire life savings into the property.

2. They have no concern about how much all the legal fees, holding fees and extra bank charges are going to eat into your equity.

3. They have no idea about the property market in your area or what the value of your home is actually worth. If they can sell your home for just enough to recover the outstanding loan amount they’ll happily take it and move onto the next case.

This generally means you walk away with nothing to show for years of saving and hard work, and often end up owing the bank money, or facing bankruptcy.

Nasty Bank Secret #2: After the bank repossesses your home you have ZERO rights and no one will want to deal with you:

As you wait for the bank to process and sell your repossessed house (on average about 9 months) you basically have NO rights. The way they see it is that you have defaulted on your contract and now they can “legally” do whatever they want to recover their funds and you just have to wait and wear ALL the costs.

They generally won’t even take your call if you ring to find out what is happening. You just wait for months on end continuing to suffer extreme financial and emotional stress and uncertainty, until one day a letter will arrive showing how little was left (or more likely how much more you owe) after the house was sold and all legal fees, holding cost, bank fees, extra interest, etc, are deducted from the low sale price.

Nasty Bank Secret #3: Banks are not property professionals: 

The bank does not want to own your home and they are not interested in maximising the sale price for you. They don’t care that your home may be a little run down and would sell for much more if it was cosmetically renovated and sold by a good real estate agent, they just want it sold.

​​​​​​​ It’s like asking a chiropractor to do heart surgery on you. It’s not their profession….It’s not their interest...and YOU’RE not going the best end result. (In fact it’s financial suicide!) 

Nasty Bank Secret #4: The bank doesn’t care what happens to you next:

The sad fact is that no matter how much you plead or beg, when your impending eviction date comes around a sheriff will arrive at your door, you’ll be removed from the property, your locks will be changed and any remaining belongings will be removed and stored at your cost. You and your family will no longer have a home and there’ll be no bargaining or extensions.

I’m sorry to be blunt but EVERYTHING you’ve just read is simple fact.

So now if I’ve done my job right up to this point you’ll agree that doing nothing and letting the bank repossess your property is the WORST CASE SCENARIO you and your family can experience from here moving forward, and should be avoided at all cost.


We were fortunate not to have lost everything because my wife found Darren Webber’s Fast House Sales Company. Our house sold for 40 to 60 thousand dollars more than we expected. We will never be able to express our thanks to Darren for all he has done. He also helped us to help ourselves. And gave us the chance to keep our dignity intact. We trusted Darren from day 1 and always will. I have no hesitation in recommending Darren to anyone.” 
Spencer, Bray Park 


But now I want to share with you another, lesser known option...

One that has rescued and repaired the financial future of many Australian families in the last 17 years

One That 100% Guarantees to Achieve a Better Financial Outcome for You Than Letting the Bank Repossess Your Home

Not only will you be better off financially in the long term... But you’ll also…

Avoid the suffering, indignity and embarrassment of being kicked out of your home and having the locks changed.
Receive instant “NO INTEREST” funding to pay off your current arrears and all future property cost and repayments.
Never deal with another banker, collection agency, lawyer, judge or real estate agent about this property again.
INSTANTLY relieve your financial pressure and give you a clear plan moving forward towards a fresh start in the best financial position possible.
INSTANTLY relieve the ongoing burden of repossession on your relationships, personal and family life.
Regain control of the sale of your property and have time to find new living arrangements. (We can even provide funding for moving and bond costs to ensure you have a home to go to.)
Have direct access to myself and my network of property professionals to explain all your options, legal rights and responsibilities and any other questions you may have at all times.

But the best part that makes contacting me and allowing me to help you, completely RISK FREE is that...


My Services Are 100% Free…
You don’t actually hire me or pay ANYTHING upfront...


In my system you don’t pay commissions or upfront fees…

Instead we partner together to ensure you get the maximum sales price possible and I only ever get paid a small share of the value I add to your property...But ONLY AFTER I achieve a better result than letting the bank trepossess your home, and you receive a minimum pre-agreed financial outcome to start your life fresh and debt free.



Read more about my guarantee details here.


"Our primary home sold for $39,000 more than I even imagined. And our rental property sold for at least $50,000 more…
we were completely blown away both results.” 
Kirstine, Brisbane 

Once we have...
1. Completed your FREE CONSULTATION to compare the financial outcomes of your current options.
2. Agreed on a specific minimum financial outcome that I must achieve for you from the sale of your property.
3. Acheived or exceeded that financial outcome for you.
4. Only then do I share in the extra profits we have generated from the sale of your house, as payment for all my help.

So I only get paid based on the results I achieve for you. The more you make on the deal...The more I make...Our interests are 100% aligned! (You avoid being repossessed and retain as much equity as possible, so you can move on in the best financial position possible.)

Plus you always remain owner and legal title and deed holder of your property until the property is sold.  

And you’re always covered by my 100%, Unbreakable Guarantee, which is written up into a legally binding contract to protect your interests before you agree to have me help you stop repossession and sell your property.

1. Compare the difference in financial outcomes between letting the bank repossess your home or letting us stop the repossession and manage the sale for you.

2. Provide you with a specific financial outcome that we must meet or exceed for you before we charge any fee.

3. Explain our process in detail and answer ALL of your questions.

4. If you like our strategy, we can start our work to stop the repossession of your home immediately. 

(This in a 100% NO obligation consultation. If we find after going through the figures on your property that we cannot achieve a better outcome than your current options we will offer our expert advice on your best course of action wish you all the best.)

Request FREE Consultation

How My Proven 3-Step System Works...

Step #1: Stop The Repossession Process Immediately

This step has 3 parts to it…

1. Understand the current legal status of your property:

After all the legal letters call and court dates you may be confused and frustrated by the “jargon” and not clearly understand what your properties current legal status is, including what your personal rights and responsibilities are.

So this is where my 30 years banking and property repossession experience will really help you understand your situation.

When a bank is going through the process of repossessing a home in Australia, by law they have to follow a very strict 7-stage legal process to effect the repossession.

I know this process very well and will communicate with the bank immediately on your behalf to find out which stage of the legal process you and your home are up to.

2. Discuss with you the legal status of your home, and what opportunities you have available right now:
During this step I’ll explain in Plain English where your home is up to in the 7-stage legal repossession process. I’ll explain the status of the legal proceedings and what the next steps are likely to be.

Most importantly, with me acting as a confidential intermediary, you can be relieved of the often intimidating pressure of speaking with the bank and lawyers directly, and we can also help you understand the legal issues better. I’m here to answer any of your questions and explain any potential repercussions associated with the current legal status of your home.


At this stage I will provide you with accurately estimated figures on how much extra value I can add to your home, and provide you with a Guaranteed Financial Outcome from the sale of your home, that I must achieve for you before I earn any fees from our work together.
(My fees only ever come out of extra profit I am able to generate from the sale, not out of your pocket.)


If you’re happy with the Guaranteed Financial Outcome figure I provide and decide you would like to go ahead with our services and have me implement the rest of my proven system to stop the repossession of your home and sell it for the highest possible price, we will move on to Step #1 - Part 3.

If you decide this is not the right option for your and you believe you’ll be better off trying something else I’ll wish you all the best. But you’ll still walk away with a much clearer understanding of your current options moving forward.

***Also at this stage I may find that I cannot help you and will explain the best alternatives for you to explore based on my extensive experience in these situations.

NOTE:  Part 1 & 2 I offer to do for you FREE with NO obligation to proceed with my services once complete.

3. We negotiate with the bank to stop your repossession:
From this point onwards you no longer have to deal with the bank if you don’t want to. Many of my clients find dealing with banks intimidating, stressful and confusing. So I relieve you of this burden and can manage all future communication with the bank on your behalf. Once they realise my experience, knowledge and confidence in dealing with these situation they soon realise that you’re one customer who can’t be bullied anymore.

I then fund all payments that need to be made to the bank during the sale process. Including current arrears and ALL future payments and property costs.

Because I negotiate with the bank to reach new agreed terms it means they will cease their repossession action, meaning NO more harassing calls or letters, NO more financial stress and worry, and now you get to sell your home on your terms.

Ultimately, we take back control of the sale process so that together we can work to achieve the highest possible sale price we can for your home.

Step #2: Renovate Your Property To Get Ready It For Sale

In this step I plan, fund and manage the fast, professional renovation of your property, to whatever extent is necessary, so that when it is presented for sale you will receive the highest possible market price.

I have been renovating and selling properties for 17 years, and have completed over 165 property transactions, so my team and I are uniquely positioned and experienced to make sure you get the highest possible price for your property.

We specialise in doing fast, professional quality cosmetic renovations to maximise the market price of properties ensuring that we focus on maximising the return on money spent. Which means for every $1 we spend on renovations it increases your final sale price by $3, $4, $5 or more.

Just to clarify... I fund the full cost of the renovation, so there is nothing for you to pay, or do.

See Our Past Renovation Before & After Photos...

Step #3: Sell Your House For The Highest Price

The next critical step in the process of maximising the sale price is selecting the best real estate agent in your area to market and sell the property.

I have a proven, proprietary system that I use to research all of the property sales in your area and which agency made those sales. This ensures that we are dealing with the real estate agency who knows most about your specific property type and its potential sale value.

Then we engage with the most experienced real estate agents within those leading agencies, and conduct strict interviews to ensure that they are capable of achieving the results we want.

We will only appoint the best-suited agent to market and sell your property for the highest possible market price.

During the sale process, I will liaise with the real estate agent, yourself and potential purchasers to negotiate the terms and price for the sale of your property to make sure we get the highest possible price in the best possible timeframe.

Finally when the property is sold you receive 100% of your Minimum Guaranteed Payout. I recoup my expenses for funding your property costs and renovation work, and we share in the extra profits generated through the professionally executed renovation and sale of your property.

By following this exact 3-step process, I have helped many Australian families avoid having their homes repossessed and their credit rating destroyed, helped them earn much MORE cash return from the sale of their property, and significantly reduced the stress and uncertainty that they (and their families) would otherwise have suffered by doing nothing and having their homes repossessed by the bank, or trying to sell themselves.

​​​​​​​What happens next is up to you...

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We trusted Darren from day 1 and always will” Spence​​​​​r
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We, my parents, my sister and I trusted Darren from the first time we met him” Laurence


“We will deliver the BEST possible outcome for your financial future from ALL your current options, or you pay ZERO fees until we do.  100% Guaranteed."