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WARNING: Do Not Sell Your House Via An Online Search Until You Have Read This Checklist...


  • How to avoid getting ripped off by high pressure, house buying companies
  • How to get the highest price possible in a fast house sale... (Full 17-point checklist) 
  • The simple yet proven 3-step process anyone can implement
  • The #1 biggest mistake people make when selling a property quickly that could cost you $10,000's
  • Industry secrets from a 20 year fast house sale professional that you must know to sell quickly and at the highest possible price

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Do you want to get the highest price possible for your house? Do you want to avoid being ripped off? Do you want to get what you deserve for your property, quickly and easily with minimal stress?

This simple checklist will show you the proven 3-step process you can easily follow to ensure you get...

  • the highest price for your house  
  • how to sell quickly and easily…
  • ensuring you avoid selling your house to an online property buyer (who will be trying to buy your house from you as cheaply as they can)


When you know these steps you can, within a matter of weeks, sell your property in its best condition via a fair market sale through the best real-estate agent in your area for the highest possible price… how do I know? because I am regularly helping my clients do it, and I have been doing it for 15 years.

"You don't have to accept a low-priced offer on your property."

As you'll see in this checklist there is a "simple yet proven 3-step process" you can follow that is easy for you to implement for yourself...

Simply download the 1-page checklist by clicking on the orange button below...

Testimonials from people I've helped recently...

Kirstine – Brisbane QLD

“Darren took full control of our situation right from the first phone call, which consisted of 2 houses, arrears of $15,000, mortgage repayments of over $4,000 per month, with an interest rate of 8.6% – and the rental home was in need of renovations. Without these renovations we would never have got the price that we achieved in the end.

Our primary home sold for $39,00 more than I even imagined. And our rental property Sold for at least $50,000 more than I had ever expected, especially had we sold the property without renovations. So we were completely blown away both results.

Darren also funded the $10,697 in renovations that were absolutely needed. He sought out quotes and interviewed local trades people and hired the relevant ones to do the jobs. He also took care of and co-ordinated all of the trades so the work would run smoothly.

Just to give you an indication of how fast and how much work Darren did on our behalf. This is a timeline of how things progressed…

Within 1 week of our first phone call, we got to meet him in person, in our family home, in QLD. I found Darren to be super genuine, direct yet full of compassion and real empathy for our situation. I believe these are traits you need in someone negotiating with any bank or lender that no longer wants to deal with you. Darren had also organised for us to meet and interview 3 of the best local agents. We then got the chance to choose, with Darren’s advice, the best one for our family. Which was nice to have the choice because we still felt empowered, yet we didn’t have the whole stress of organising it all. We were then given the same courtesy with our rental property. We ended up with 2 of the best, hardest working real estate agents you could find, who were also genuine straight talking, compassionate people. Which was truly refreshing. Not all real estate agents are as courteous I found while interviewing them. Some were bordering on being quite rude to be honest. So the whole interviewing process is completely necessary! Something I would never have done on my own.

I do believe that with Darren’s expertise in all things relevant to selling houses you honestly can’t go wrong. He will take care of as little or as much as you want him to. He will assist you in your time of need but always, always treats you with the utmost respect, kindness and patience. All things you need when it feels like your world is closing in on you. If you need help give him a call you won’t be disappointed!! You’ll be amazed at what he and his team can achieve in such a short amount of time. I cannot stress enough how much he has done for me and my family. And 100% believe he can help your family too.”

Nigel, Brisbane, Qld

"Within 2 weeks of meeting Darren he had taken over the loan payments of $3,974.87/mth and all property costs, and he negotiated with the bank to postpone repossession so that he could renovate and sell the property for a higher price. This gave us the certainty that we could sell our property for the best market value, rather than the bank repossess it and sell it for significantly less. Going down that path may have resulted in bankruptcy proceedings and/or outstanding debts, but instead we got immediate cash-flow relief from all of our payments and the property was presented for sale in first-class renovated condition in just 10 days! 

The result was a sale price that paid off all of our outstanding property debts and enabled us to completely move on from this difficult and stressful situation. I recommend that you call Darren because he knows what options you have, and he has the experience and integrity to make it happen."

Laurence – Brisbane QLD

“While surfing the net my mum came across an ad for Fast House Sales. We didn’t know much about how to sell our properties, how to deal with a lender that no longer wanted to deal with us. But through Darren and his method and knowledge we sold our first home for $399,000 when we were given the impression it was probably only going to fetch $340,000 to $360,000 figures we’d received through free real estate assessments at the time. We also had to offer our investment property as the bank wanted that too.  

We were stunned that we received $330,000 when houses of similar or even better prospects were receiving $299,000 in the same suburb. Both houses sold within 24 hours of each other and within 5 weeks of that initial call to Darren. We, my parents, my sister and I trusted Darren from the first time we met him, even though it was all unfamiliar ground to us. His easy, relaxed manner gave us the confidence to trust he had our best interests at heart and to put our faith in him. We are not the easiest people to deal with as we all 4 of us have strong, hard headed personalities but hats off to Darren. He listened, answered our sometimes ridiculous questions and pulled us through. 

We are now, not only debt free but did really well considering we believed we would be paying those houses and the associated debts for the rest of our lives. We got quite a bit of excess funds paid directly to us after all of the associated costs had been taken care of. 

I, we, our family, cannot thank Darren and his team enough for saving us. This was the best move for me and my family. I know he and his team can help you.”

Paul, Riverview, Brisbane

"By contacting Fast House Sales I sold my home for $215,500 in less then 3 weeks which was more than I expected! Fast House Sales negotiated with my bank to stop the repossession, paid for the ongoing loan payments and arrears and used their experience to assist with the entire sale process. They spent all the money necessary to improve the property’s presentation for sale as well as negotiate and select the best real estate agent. Their help was invaluable to me and I got more than i expected to get out of this situation, and i got it very quickly. 

If you are struggling with a bank repossession don’t wait any longer when you have the opportunity to talk to Darren about your options."

Spencer – Brisbane QLD

“Two years ago, my children and I bought a house, the second for our family. Though older than most, my wife and I allowed our family to get roped into an over the top high interest rate 8.6 %. We were fortunate not to have lost everything because my wife found Darren Webber’s Fast House Sales Company. What a Godsend that was!!  

We couldn’t negotiate with the bank at all and ended up depressed. Darren then went on to sell both our houses only 5 weeks after first contact for a lot more than we bargained on. We actually get surplus funds after all of the debts, something we never thought would happen. We are now debt free, mortgage free and not having to rob Peter to pay Paul anymore. Our first house sold for 40 to 60 thousand dollars more than we expected, and we received 21 thousand dollars more than other houses in the same suburb of similar or (in our opinions) in better condition than ours for the second house. The bank would have sold both houses and not given a damn what we were going through and we would probably be still in debt to the bank. 

We will never be able to express our thanks to Darren for all he has done. Through his system he also gave us the ability, if we wanted and should we ever decide to, the chance to buy again, as we are not bankrupts. Which we might have been, if not for Darren. He also helped us to help ourselves. And gave us the chance to keep our dignity intact. We trusted Darren from day 1 and always will. I have no hesitation in recommending Darren to anyone. You will not be disappointed."

Leanne, Slacks Creek, Brisbane

"I was in a position in May 2014 where the bank had given me 1 week until they were changing the locks and repossessing my home. I was then fortunate to have contacted Darren who immediately negotiated with the bank to avoid repossession and gained valuable time to enable the house to be sold, rather than the bank taking it. He also then assisted me in the preparation of the property for sale and the entire sale process to maximise the sale proceeds for my home. 

Within 6 weeks we had sold the home sold for in excess of what I owed the bank and I completely avoided having to either repay a large debt to the bank or enter bankruptcy."

Mark & Michelle, Burleigh, QLD

"We had reached a point with our bank where we were completely stuck… Our arrears was $19,162.58 which we couldn’t afford to repay and the bank had issued a demand letter to pay the loan in full. We were quickly running out of time and after 2 months trying to sell we had only received ridiculous offers lower than the loan amount, meaning we couldn’t afford to sell either. Within 1 day of contacting Darren he was negotiating directly with our bank on our behalf, which has ultimately led to a complete resolution of our entire situation. 

Without Darren’s help it is most likely our house would have been repossessed and we would have spent 7-10 years in bankruptcy… thankfully that didn’t happen to us."

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