Frequently Asked Questions...

Are you real estate agents... no, we are not real estate agents. Fast house sales is a private Australian property company and we help our clients to sell their property for the highest possible price, we buy property direct and we also manage investments for our clients. Darren Webber, the managing director of Fast House Sales, worked for many years in corporate Australia as a Chartered Accountant and Investment Banker and now brings those skills and experience to you the home-owner to ensure that you have a trusted partner to help you get the highest possible price that you can for your property when you have to sell.

Are you a bank... no, we are a private Australian property company who can provide private short-term funding to you to help you with your property. We specialise in helping homeowners who don't have access to short-term funding and property expertise to use our finance to help them get the highest possible price for their property.

How does it work... it varies depending on your individual circumstances. If you need to sell quickly and you want us to make you an offer to buy your house we can look at doing that for you. If you are being repossessed by the bank and you would like funding from us to pay the bank so they don't take your house, then we can also help you to do that. Or if you simply have a run down property that you know will sell for more if you have access to funding and renovation expertise, we can help you to do that as well.

How long does it take... we act very fast. We have funding available for our clients immediately, and if your circumstances are such that we are confident that we can help you and that we can genuinely add value to your situation then we can start the process within a matter of days. Then depending on what type of help you want from us, we can initiate a fast, professional quality renovation and have your property on the market and ready for sale within weeks.

Can you takeover my loan payments... yes we can take over all of your payments on your property, including bank loan payments, council rates payments, water rates payments, and insurance. The funding that we provide is intended to help you move on from your property straightaway, which means that we can renovate it and present it for sale to ensure that you get the highest possible price.

If you have any specific questions you would like to ask you can contact us on...

Phone (07) 3073 9251

We trusted Darren from day 1 and always will” Spence​​​​​r
“Darren took full control of our situation right from the first phone call” Kirstine
​​​​​​​“We wish we had found Darren sooner” Kevin & Lee-Anne
​​​​​​​“I contacted Darren and asked some questions…” Henry
​​​​​​​“I contacted Darren via the internet and we talked on the phone” Annette“
"By contacting Fast House Sales I sold my home in less then 3 weeks” Paul
We, my parents, my sister and I trusted Darren from the first time we met him” Laurence

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I Need To Sell Now…

I need to sell now and I want a cash offer on my home, and I want to be able settle in as little as 14 days.

I’m Being Repossessed…

I'm being repossessed by the bank and I need immediate funding to relieve the stress and stop the bank taking my home away from me.

My House Needs Work…

My home needs renovating and I want funding and professional help to renovate and sell my home for the highest possible price.