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It is quite common that people who are wanting to sell their house now, have been through a frustrating and emotional process of having had their property for sale through a real estate agent for a long time and have not been successful in getting a sale.

This can happen for a number of different reasons, and it is most often not the person selling the property’s fault, but a combination of other factors. Here is some more detail to shed some light on this difficult situation.

  • Unfortunately it is a well known that some real estate agents tell property owners that their homes are worth more than what is actually achievable, in order to get the property owner to list their home with that particular agent. This results in a very negative situation for the seller because the property will sit for sale on the market for quite a few months without much interest and without getting any offers, and then the only option is to drop the price. But then because the property has been for sale for so long, the people who are in the market wanting to buy in that area are already aware that it has not sold, and it starts to get a negative stigma that there may be something wrong with the property! This entire process can be very frustrating and costly for the unwitting seller who just wanted to sell their house as quickly as possible.
  • It can also be a function of the economic climate as to why a property is not selling quickly. During periods where the banks tighten their lending criteria, and effectively lend the money to less people, then it follows logically that there are less buyers who are out there to buy your house. This can result in what is called a ‘buyers market’, because there are more sellers than there are buyers. During this type of property market it is very difficult to sell your house quickly.
  • Also, dropping the price when you have had your property for sale for a long time often does not make any difference. Somebody who may want to buy a house for $500,000 and needs a 20% deposit will need to have $100,000 deposit. If the seller then drops the price to $450,000, a 20% deposit still means that the buyer will need a deposit of $90,000. So by dropping the price by $50,000 it has not had a very big impact on making it easier for someone to buy!

If you are experiencing the difficulties of needing a quick sale but not having any success, then you may find there are advantages of dealing directly with a house buying company. They will be able to tailor an offer to suit your circumstances and they will be able to do it quickly.

Fast House Sales settles quickly

Fast House Sales settles quickly

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Fast House Sales is a private house buying company that has had many years experience in assisting homeowners to move on from difficult property situations. We can offer quick cash settlements.

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