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How To Sell Your Property Fast For The Highest Price  

“Our primary home sold for $39,000 more than I even imagined. And our rental property sold for at least $50,000 more… we were completely blown away both results.” Kirstine, Brisbane 

“While surfing the net my mum came across an ad for Fast House Sales. We didn’t know much about how to sell our properties… Both houses sold within 24 hours of each other and within 5 weeks of that initial call to Darren.” Laurence, Perth 

“We were fortunate not to have lost everything because my wife found Darren Webber’s Fast House Sales Company. Our house sold for 40 to 60 thousand dollars more than we expected. We will never be able to express our thanks to Darren for all he has done. He also helped us to help ourselves. And gave us the chance to keep our dignity intact. We trusted Darren from day 1 and always will. I have no hesitation in recommending Darren to anyone.” Spencer, Bray Park 

“The result was a sale price that paid off all of our outstanding property debts and enabled us to completely move on from this difficult and stressful situation. I recommend that you call Darren because he knows what options you have.” Nigel, Morningside

“By contacting Fast House Sales I sold my home for $215,500 in less then 3 weeks… I got more than i expected to get out of this situation, and i got it very quickly.” Paul, Riverview

“We sold our house 5 days after we met Darren. After contacting him via facebook, we arranged a meeting on a Sunday and agreed to proceed… within 5 days, by Thursday, we had finalised all the paperwork and found a buyer at our full asking price! Prior to this we had our property for sale with a number of real estate agents for over 12 months and had not received any offers. I highly recommend you call Darren if you are struggling to sell your house.” Dianne Croonen, Ormeau 

"Within 6 weeks we had sold the home sold for in excess of what I owed the bank and I completely avoided having to either repay a large debt to the bank or enter bankruptcy.” Leanne, Slacks Creek 

"We put our complete trust in Darren and it paid off. We wish we had found Darren sooner as we wouldn’t of had to worry about the monthly house payments for over 2 years… life will be much easier for us now.” Kevin & Lee-Anne Leach, Edens Landing 

“Without Darren’s help it is most likely our house would have been repossessed and we would have spent 7-10 years in bankruptcy… thankfully that didn’t happen to us.“ Mark & Michelle, Burleigh

”The property was sold in 3 short weeks for the improved price of $439,000… I would definitely recommend Darren Webber… thank you Darren for all of your help and understanding.” Henry Huggins, Emu Park

“Darren is very professional and knowledgeable and definitely worth talking to before you resign yourself to selling unwanted properties at low ‘fire-sale’ prices.” John Diamond, Brisbane

“I had 1 meeting with Darren and he brought 1 purchaser to our property and it sold for $429,000. What more can I say… Rather than dropping the price and loosing $50,000 (or more) consider a different approach.” Richard Vassallo, Murrumba Downs 

“Darren was able to find us a buyer within 2 weeks at the full asking price.” Steve and Gwen Billingham 

“As soon as Darren started – immediately – we have not had to continue to drop the price to sell our house.” Isabelle & Greg Baker, NSW 

“In 5 weeks Darren found a buyer at the full asking price of $349,000! Before that I had my property listed with a real estate agent for over 6 months with no offers. I would recommend Darren Webber and his system unconditionally to vendors with a hard to shift property.” Annette Spendlove, Sunshine Coast

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